Student garment regulations set by Universiti Putra Malaysia are as follows:

All students must be dressed in accordance with the usual practice of the Malaysian society. As the nation's intellectuals, students should always adopt a clean, neat and courteous dress while on campus.

Students are not allowed to wear clothes that expose their body and wear a face mask.

Students must adhere to all instruction and clothing practices enforced by the faculty
/ center / division, especially in laboratories, on farms, while dealing with university officials as well
while undergoing practical / teaching training and so on.

Only short-haired male students will be allowed to register. Anyone who is found to not comply with short hair rules is deemed to violate the rules of the university. Students are also prohibited to color their hair, other than the original hair color.

Student Clothing Regulation

Students should dress appropriately as a university student by showing their neatness, neatness, cheerfulness and modesty in dress.

Students are required to dress polite (T-shirts, T-shirts, shawls, long pants, long skirts below the knee level).

Students are not allowed to dress tight and exhibit body sculpting, revealing body, eye-catching and wearing face masks (berskirt above knee or short pants, with T without collar, sleeveless sleeveless, tight outstretched, sleeveless, shiny, outstretched shabby jeans, piercing for men and overwhelming for women) in the following places:
lecture hall
Laboratory Room
Administration office
Faculty and School of Studies
University Health Center
Residential college

During a formal course of study or at a college hall are not allowed to wear a hat.

These clothing directives do not reduce any instructions regarding clothing by any faculty or department to their respective students for certain purposes.


Students are our customers. Our goal is to provide you with best service if you are in compliance with the ethics of student performance. You will not be entertained and denied services if you do not comply with student performance ethics at all Service Counters, Offices, Major Assemblies, Lectures, Tutorial Rooms, Libraries and Laboratories.

You will only be entertained if: You will not be entertained if
Showcase student card

Beautiful and neatly decorated:
Short hair for men
Beautiful hair for women

Dress neat and polite among them:
With shirts
Berjalan kurung
Long out
Long knotted below the knee level
Not showing matrix cards.

Hairless and neat hairstyles include:
Long haired for men
Berambut berkeberang untuk wanita
Color the hair

Badly dressed amongst these:
Reveal the body
Get out short
Outstrip / skirt tight
Slippers / slippers
Pierced for men


Pengetua - Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Jamaludin Hj. Ahmad
Pengurus - Pn. Kalthom Abu Bakar
Pembantu Tadbir (P/O) - Pn. Wahidah Abdul Wahab
Pembantu Tabdir (P/O) - Pn. Noorlida Kamarudin 
Pembantu Kemahiran - En. Amin Hiszeri Mohd Noor
Pembantu Operasi - En. Hamzah Sulaiman
Pembantu Operasi - En. Mohamad Zulkifli Abd Majid
Pembantu Awam - En. Uzairizdwan Baharom
Pembantu Awam - Pn. Norizzaty Jasmani